From the set ~ Thoughts by Sarah

This past Saturday was our final shooting day. Below are a few pictures of some of our interviews. To echo Emmy point in the previous post, it has been a profound experience engaging and facilitating these conversations. I has so many of my own ideas about inter-racial relationships going into this process from reading and research, but the ten individuals we talked to taught me more than my own contemplations ever could have.

Looking back at these pictures is making me a little emotional. It may be the lack of sleep of a graduate student, but I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the time I got to spend with these folks. There has been so much generosity in this process from sharing personal stories, to hosting us in homes, to the offering of time and talents, to the monetary funding some of you have offered. Thank you.

And now Emmy and I head off to the editing room to try to stuff all this humanity into a fifteen minute package tied up with string. Wish us well, bring us coffee, say a prayer if you are a person who does. This will be the hard part!


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