From the desk of Emmy | Almost there!

Sarah and I have been busy busy working on our film! We made a super rough cut and had Angulo take a look at it. Then we made another cut and sent it out to our advisory board. They provided us with very good feedback that allowed us to take some things out and add back other stuff we had originally cut. Then we made another rough cut and received more feedback from the board along with friends and family. And as I sit here and write this, Sarah and Jared are three feet away working on the intro to our film which is going to be way more amazing than I imagined.

Having said that, we haven’t kept up with our blog as much as we would have liked this past week, as our priorities have been more directed towards the details of the film – music, credits, fair use, color correction, timing, the flow and rhythm, and so much more. I know i’ve said it before, but making a film is a ton of work. A lot more goes into it than one imagines…I mean, I imagined a lot, but it’s a lot more. Ha!

We’re both nervous and excited to show you guys our final product…

Anyways, I have to go do producer stuff… Jared just asked if “Ms. Producer can look for stock footage of LA”…so I’m off to do that.

MAY 10TH! It’s going to be great!


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