About Us

We Are Traveling as a Family (working title) is a short documentary about inter racial friendships/relationships. Through honesty and humor, we want to share stories of how friends and loved ones share their lives together. What draws people to each other? How do friendships grow over time? How does race come up and play out through friendships? We will celebrate these relationships and explore the moments when, as the poet Claudia Rankin puts it, “race entered the room.”

Sarah Painter is the film’s director.  Sarah is in her final semester studying for her Master’s in Social Work at University of Southern California. Throughout Sarah’s social work studies, she has been interested in and researching race relations in America and the policy implications. Sarah has a long background in theater. After getting her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Acting she went on to perform, produce and write multiple theater productions in New York City and Washington DC. She has also acted on camera in films and commercials. Directing this film is an exciting opportunity to pull together her experience and love of storytelling with social work.

Emmaline Nguyen is our producer extraordinaire.

Cinematographer, Jared Everly is a writer/editor/director who originally started as an actor. He is a self taught editor who created short videos from different water sports starting out and experimented with different styles of editing. Jared co-wrote and edited a pilot episode “Super Hero Gym” which he also co-starred in. With inspirations from writer/director Michael Mann, he also wrote a short film “American Jackal” which is now in development for a web series.