Fund Us!

We humbly request your financial help with this short documentary. We are trying to raise as much as possible in the next month, but truly any amount, no matter the size, is incredibly helpful and appreciated. It all adds up!


If you have a paypal account, make sure to click the button that says, “This is to Friends and Family.”  That makes it free for everyone.  If you prefer to use a card and not create an account or input your bank info, you should click the “Goods and Services” button.  The down side to that is we incur a small fee, but please do whatever makes you feel comfortable- we still very much appreciate the donation!!

In Kickstarter style, here is a breakdown of THANK YOUs for your donations:

$10 or more: A HANDWRITTEN CARD expressing our gratitude. Everyone loves getting snail mail!

$25 or more: A HANDWRITTEN CARD and a SPECIAL THANKS in the CREDITS of our film.

$50 or more: SPECIAL THANKS in the credits, HANDWRITTEN CARD, and a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of our completed film.

$100 or more:  SPECIAL THANKS, HANDWRITTEN CARD, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the completed film, and a DVD of the completed film.

$500 or more: ALL the above as well as an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT and a THANK YOU VIDEO from our crew.

$1000 or more: ALL THE ABOVE as well as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit and our eternal love and gratitude.